Börner Docking Station for V3 Trendline, V5 Powerline and V6 Exclusiveline

Börner USA

$7.99 $5.99
Keep your v slicer handy where you need it in this practical storage box. The new Borner Docking station is a perfect storage solution to house your V1, V3, V5 or V6 vegetable slicer. Store your slicer including inserts and food holder right next to your stove or cooking area and create delicious and healthy meals in a simple and easy manner. The docking station provides space for your slicer, the inserts and the food safety holder. Ideal even for the smallest kitchen thanks to its compact size. The docking station is made out of high-quality plastic and provides a great home for the Borner V1, V3 TrendLine, V5 PowerLine and the V6 Exclusive Line including their matching inserts. It also serves as an ideal space-saving storage option for previous Borner models.

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