Börner V6 Exclusiveline Stainless Steel V/Slicer

Börner USA


The Borner V6 ExclusiveLine Stainless Steel V/Slicer is the stainless steel version of the original V3 Trendline vegetable slicer.

Whether you need thick, thin or very thin slices, fine Julienne strips or large sticks for French fries, the possibilities are endless. For thick cubes for soups or stews, simply cross-cut the fruit or vegetables while on the Food Safety Holder before slicing. The brushed stainless steel emphasizes the functional and modern design of the V6.

The V6 ExclusiveLine set consists of the stainless steel frame, a slicing insert, 3.5mm blade insert, 7mm blade insert, and the new blade protection insert, which can be used as a child safety look and for cutting medium thick slices.We always recommend the use of the included original Borner Food Safety Holder to protect your fingers from Borner's patented, stainless steel blades. Additional accessories available are 1.6mm, 4.5mm and 10mm blade inserts.

To clean, simply rinse under running water.

This set consists of:

  • Borner V6 ExclusiveLine V/Slicer  
  • Safety insert
  • Slice insert
  • 3,5mm blade insert
  • 7mm blade insert 
  • food safety holder 

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