On the V-shaped stainless steel blade of the Borner V5 PowerLine, the Borner Distribution International GmbH (hereinafter referred to as „Borner“) provides a Borner guarantee going beyond the two-year legal warranty for a total of 5 years starting at the point in time of the purchase date of the Borner V5 PowerLine under the following conditions:

1. Only the V-shaped stainless steel blades are subject to this Borner guarantee. All other parts, like base frames, feet or other accessories are not subject to the Borner guarantee.

2. The Borner guarantee solely applies to the purchase of a new product and solely for consumers and the initial buyer of the product and is non-transferable.

3. The Borner guarantee only applies if the buyer registers the product in accordance with the following regulations at latest one month after the purchase date of the product on the Borner homepage (www.boerner.de) under the „Borner Guarantee“ menu item after providing the required data. The registration is carried out by entering the customer data as follows: name, address, email address, telephone number, serial number from the product, purchase date, purchasing location/platform. Furthermore, the registration process results from the menu item above, which must be observed. Borner reserves the right to change this information at their own discretion, which are then valid in the respective form. The time of the registration does not change the beginning of the Borner guarantee, which starts on the purchase date of the product.

4. The requirement for asserting a claim from the Borner guarantee, in addition to registration according to section 3, is proper usage and maintenance, in particular in accordance with the operating instructions for the product. The guarantee expires if the product is not used for conventional purposes and as soon as changes are made to the device. It also expires if the serial number was changed or otherwise made illegible or is no longer completely identifiable. It does not apply to normal wear. Except for the period extension in the previous case, the remaining content of the guarantee remains equal to the legal regulations. The guarantee period does not extend due to the provision of services within the scope of the guarantee it does not restart in these cases.

5. The policy holder can assert the rights from this guarantee through a written notification for the Börner USA, Nightshade Drive,Riverview FL 33578 United States, by email to: garantie@boerner.de or through the contact through the homepage www.boerner.de within the guarantee period. The requirement for this is that the policyholder reports the error within a month after they have recognized it or must have recognized it. The policyholder must prove that the warranty period has not expired or extinguished (for example, by providing a receipt, purchase contract or something similar).

6. In the event of a guarantee, Borner is free to maintain the product, provide a replacement or reimburse the purchase price for the policyholder. In the event of a replacement, the old product will be replaced free of charge through a new product of the same type and quality.

7. In addition to the rights from this guarantee extension, the legal rights apply without modification. This guarantee also does not affect the rights that the first customer/consumer has against the seller where the first customer/consumer has purchased the product. The place of fulfillment for obligations from this guarantee is the headquarters from Borner. If legally permissible, the jurisdiction is the headquarters from Borner.